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Men's Health Beast

Go & buy the latest issue of Men's Health Magazine out May 1st 2015 to find out about the latest amazing training results at Reach Fitness London! James Fisher signed up and took part in a 12 week training programme, working 1:1 strength and conditioning sessions with Richard Tidmarsh, Owner & Lead Trainer of Reach Fitness London, alongside the group workouts at the gym with Richard's experienced team. Jame's nutrition was managed by Reach Fitness London food supplier Fresh Fitness Food. And boom, after 12 weeks a Beast was born!

Huge congratulations to James on his hard work and deserved results. This shows what happens when you train with the Richard and his team at Reach Fitness London!

Want to train like this!?

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Watch the Men's Health video below for some behind the scenes training action!


Women's Health 30 Day Challenge

The Women's Health Magazine 30 Day Pretox Challenge is GO! Starting on November 1st the #30DayPretx will see 6 of the Women's Health staff battling to achieve awesome fitness results during November!

Reach Fitness London is delighted to be involved "as one of London's Hottest studios"...(and Women's Health aren't talking about our air conditioning!)

It's #TeamReach vs the rest of London! 

Deputy Editor Katie Mulloy will be training at Reach with Rich Tidmarsh and the rest of the team. Katie will be hitting 1:1 "Hybrid" sessions with Rich, having her nutrition monitored by David Arnot and hitting the intense high octane group workouts that are FUEL, REBEL and WARRIOR with the rest of the team at Reach HQ in Clapham!  

Katie's progress will be mapped with a before and after picture taken on Novmber 1st and November 30th respectively!

We want you to get involved, follow the action and try the workouts! 

Follow Katie's progress via Rich's TWITTER & INSTAGRAM 



Want to train 1:1 with Rich, David, Ashton, Jack, Ollie & JJ? How about planning your own 30 Day Challenge? Then....

Check out all the information right here  & get in touch via or call on 07951 235 236  


O2 Touch Fit

Reach Fitness London Owner & Lead Trainer Richard Tidmarsh has been hired by media giants and England Rugby sponsors O2 to front their new fitness campaign 'O2 Touch Fit'.

This 4 week fitness programme is live online now and includes 4 workouts to increase your mobility, strength, conditioning and power. 

Check out the workouts below, and let Rich know how you found the workouts by following him via @RichTidmarsh and using #O2TouchFit in your tweets. 

Want to train with Rich & the team, get sigend up at Reach Fitness London now! 4,000 square foot of functional training space is waiting for you in Clapham #TeamReach

Fitness Fact Not Fiction

It's time to set the record straight & get some real information about how women should be training in the gym out into the open.

Last week Richard Tidmarsh's client Millie Mackintosh posted a gym selfie which lead to a general "she is too thin" outcry from 3 or 4 international magazines, all talking about the "worries" of Millie's "extreme weight loss".

So here are the facts.

Mille actually weigh's 1kg more than on her wedding day back in September. How is this possible when she looks smaller?

Simple, Millie has been training hard with Rich and LIFTING WEIGHTS. This as changed her body composition.

In her training with Rich, Mille has actually gone from 23.4% body fat to 17.2% and yet still she weigh's more now than in September. How is this possible you ask? She has added lean mass, and yes, this is a good thing. Looking skinny, but with high body fat isn't what you want!

Millie's training hasn't and never will be about losing weight. It is about becoming stronger, improving her posture and being lean. The lower your body fat percentage, within a safe range, the better your overall health, and yes you do get some lines of definition in key areas that most people like to have.  

Here's what Rich had to say; "Losing body fat, isn't about training hard and not eating. You have to fuel and refuel your body to achieve results. Initially, Mille was pretty scared of lifting weights. But now she wants to know how much weight is on the bar when we do Deadlifts and beat her previous lifts. This shows a huge change in Millie's mentality around training and is why she has got such good results."

So what are the key points.

1) Weight on the scales and BMI are pretty irrelevant. Your Body Fat % is much more important.

2) Ladies need to lift (heavy) weights in their training routine to add Lean Mass.

3) To burn fat, cardio training should be short and sharp interval work NOT long steady state work.

4) Eating well and refuelling after training is another key factor to burning body fat. 

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Two Tickets To The Gunshow 


Christmas Workout

Christmas has landed! And here is Reach Lead Trainer Richard Tidmarsh's annual 'Christmas Blaster' Workout! 

In between all the mince pies and mulled wine find some time to give this a go! Tweet or Instagram over your scores & action pictures to @RichTidmarsh using #XMASBLASTER 

Christmas Blaster Workout

"This is a simple but tough running and bodyweight based workout. You have 2 or 4 minutes per round to get as much work done as possible. You then have 1 or 2 minutes recovery, recording your score from the previous round, before hitting the next loop of exercises!

Christmas is always a hard time of year to workout. This workout only takes 30 minutes and can be done at the park or even on your parents driveway....that's where I will be seen getting my sweat on! 

1) Warm Up and Mobilisation

2) 2 Minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) : 10 metre shuttle run x 3 (Start & Back = 1) // Hand Release Burpees x 6

3) 2 Minute Recovery - Record Score

4) 2 Minute AMRAP : 10 metre shuttle run x 3 // Hand Release Press Ups x 8

5) 2 Minute Recovery - Record Score

6) 2 Minute AMRAP : 10 metre shuttle run x 3 // Jump Squat x 8

7) 1 Minute Recovery - Record Score

8) 1 Minute Front Plank Hold

9) 2 Minute AMRAP : 10 metre shuttle run x 3 // Hand Release Burpee x 6 

10) 1 Minute Recovery - Record Score

11) 1 Minute Plank Hold 

12) 4 Minute AMRAP : 10 metre shuttle run x 3 // Hand Release Press Up x 6 + Jump Squat x 6 

13) Record Score. Cooldown. Stretch 

Enjoy the workout! Tweet over your scores to me using #XMASBLASTER 

Live in London? Come & train like this with #TeamReach at Reach Fitness London in Clapham

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Twitter Takeover

The best way to stay right up to date with all the goings on at 'Reach' & their gym 'Reach Fitness London' is via Twitter! 

Follow the gym @ReachFitnessGym and Lead Trainer @RichTidmarsh and get involved in the workouts and news with #TeamReach.

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