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At Reach Fitness London we offer a range of classes that are exclusive to Reach and designed by industry leading fitness expert and Reach founder, Richard Tidmarsh.

No set class will ever be the same and we promise: You have never trained like this before! 


Action packed cardio based workouts that will burn hundreds of calories and push your to new fitness peaks using speed and agility moves from sports training and interval training methods with battling ropes, core moves and body weight circuits. Expect to Sweat, Lots. High Intensity Interval Training at it's very best!


This workout focuses on the key elements of training at Reach, perfect for your first 8 weeks as a member or if you are struggling in a certain area of fitness. Featuring mobilty drills, work on Kettlebell and Bodyweight exercise technique along with a conditioning finisher. Perfect for your Free Trial Session at Reach if you are new to functional training.


Get ready for these resistance based workouts that will burn fat & increase your strength and power using tools such as Kettlebells, Suspension Training and Power Bags. That's right, you get to throw things around. Forget 'Body Pump' folks, it's time to join the Reach rebellion! 


An all in one full body blast where no stone is left unturned using many sport specific training movements to improve overal fitness and athletic ability. Expect performance challenges. Expect the unexpected. Expect results. Simple! 


Our advanced strength & conditioning based classes designed to push your performance to the next level. For both men & women who want to train like MMA Athlete's, Rugby Players and Fitness Beasts! Be ready to get into the "Hurt Locker" and throw away the key! Weekday sessions are full body power & resistance training based sessions, whilst the weekend Mayhem sessions are pure conditioning madness! 


Reach's very own yoga classes featuring a great mix of full body strength, mobility and flexibility work. From Frogs to Pigeons all with killer tunes and expert coaching. Suitable for all levels.

Extra Classes to base level memberships..... 

All of these courses can be purchased on the 'courses' tab of the Membership Page.


The Cell is our monthly membership upgrade where 10 people take on the challenge of 2 extra 'cell' classes per week in a competition to burn the most body fat in 1 month! Measurement are taken, goals are set and then THE CELL begins! Training with Richard Tidmarsh and facing signature workouts including 'Las Vegas', 'The Room of Doom' and 'Chaos HIIT' you will work as a team to succeed. Price of each 'CELL' is £106 on top of normal membership.


Running both in the evening and during the day, Strength Club is our 6 week strength programme for guys and girls looking change body composition, pack on lean tissue and build full body strength. This course includes 18 or 12 intense training sessions over a 6 week period, featuring the big compound lifts such as Front Squat and Deadlift as well as gymnastic & functional strength work! The course is limited to just 8 people for close supervision, charting gains and invidiual exercise progressions. Price is £234 for 18 workouts over 6 weeks in the evening & £156 for 12 workouts over 6 weeks in the day. 


A 6 week course where you will learn the unleash your inner beast. Learn the basics patterns and then progress to flows with one of the most highly qualified Animal Flow instructors in the UK, Rachel Thompson. Improve your strenght, mobility and balance. With just 8 people per course you get a high level of tuition. Cost is £84.


Our #3DAYBLITZ is an intensive 3 day boot camp style event of intense training over a Friday Evening, Saturday & Sunday. 9 hours of varied activities all supported by food from Soulmate Food. Cost is £180 all inclusive of training, food and supplements for the 3 days. 

If you have any questions about the classes please email or call us on 07951 236 235

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