Richard in Ultra Fit Magazine


Fitkit Pro Suspension Training Workout

Reach Lead Trainer Richard Tidmarsh features in the new issue of Ultra Fit Magazine (March 2011). On pages 76 & 77, Richard takes you through 8 great exercises using the Fitkit Pro, for whom he is 'Performance Director'. 

Richard trains clients from professional sportspeople to fitness novices in London. Contact him via for information on training.

"The Fitkit Pro allows you to perform over 400 exercises from the mildly challenging to insanely intense. It is the perfect tool for strength & conditioning in many different sports as well as being a great piece of kit for men and women to use in the gym."

To celebrate this feature, you can now buy your own Fitkit Pro right here with Reach!

As used by Manchester United FC, Brand Hatton Boxing and the England Rugby Team.

RRP of the Fitkit Pro is £159.50 + £5.99 Post & Packaging.

Until 31/3/2011 we are offering you 10% off the Fitkit Pro: £143.55 + £5.99 Post & Packaging = £149.5 

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