Richard Tidmarsh


One of the leading names in the UK Fitness Industry, with over 10 years in the industry, Rich has delivered over 10,000 1:1 training sessions working with elite athletes and international sports teams all over the World. Rich has the passion, knowledge & experience to push you to be at your best.
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Steve Kowalenko


Steve was the third person in the UK to achieve Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor status. He has a strong belief that we are all capable of much more than we think we are. He pushes himself and all of those who work with him to test those boundaries frequently with a focus on developing a strong mind. You can only achieve what the mind can conceive.
Strong in mind, Strong in body, Strong in life. Everything is transferable.
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Rachel Thompson


Using bodyweight movements and traditional strength training, Rachel offers her clients a unique discipline with her Level 2 in Animal Flow training. Rachel helps her clients train mindfully and move with integrity. Also pre & post natal qualified.
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Vicky Fleetwood


Vicky is a Professional rugby player and World Cup winner, that aims to break stereotypes and prove that women can be strong too.
Obsessed with performance and bettering herself, she will motivate you to do the same.
A strong believer that having the right mindset, will always help you achieve more.
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Dan O'Neill


With 15 years experience across the globe, Dan has wealth of experience having worked with professional athletes and individuals from diverse backgrounds during his career including roles with the Chinese Olympic Rowing team & Florida Gators American Football team. On a 1:1 basis Dan specialises in understanding individual responses to training and stress/life balance with a holistic approach to developing the physical attributes necessary to excel in all walks of life.
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Steven Broughton


Steven is one of the most experienced Boxing coaches in the UK, having worked with a string of World Champion boxers including Carl Frampton, George Groves & Olympic Silver Medalist Joe Joyce. The art of boxing is to hit and not get hit so Steve likes to train his clients to be well rounded both defensively & on the attack. If you want to learn to box for sport, fitness or as a stress busting hobby, Steve is the man to do it! Alongside his boxing skills, Steve is an excellent Strength & Conditioning Coach with a wide range of knowledge & skills coupled with his ultra chilled out & happy vibes.
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Harriet Taylor


Harriet discovered dynamic Vinyasa & Power Yoga after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She went on to complete qualifications in Ashtanga & Yin Yoga. Harriet will put you through a challenging class with strong emphasis on anatomical alignment & good technique. Leave her class sweaty, energised, nurtured and the feeling the powerful benefits of yoga to both the body & mind.
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Justina Bridge


Justine is our resident Sports Therapist. Having practiced Sports Massage Therapy for nine years, Justina has dealt with a variety of clients with backgrounds in rugby, running and weight lifting alongside your everyday postural problems. Justina is also qualified in Dry Needling and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching to aid recovery.
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