The Dirt: Fuelling London’s Top Personal Trainers

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The Independent wanted to know all about Rich’s eating habits, here is what he had to say:

My average day at Reach Fitness London is demanding! Every hour is action packed training clients, international sports stars, taking group workouts and putting myself through an intense training! I need to fuel myself to perform from 6am to 9pm everyday.

I eat big so I have energy to supply to those I train and myself! I aim for around 4000 calories a day, 180g of Protein & use carbohydrates to recovery effectively from training and help with my sleep patterns.

An average day looks a little like this…

5.30am: Up and immediately drink 2 pints of water.

5.45am: Make a huge shake at home with Nurtribullet: 300ml water, 2 scoops Optimum Nutrition Strawberry Whey Protein, 1 scoop Glutamine, 2 handful of mixed frozen berries, 1 scoop of Greens Powder.

6am: Espresso

Then it’s all action training clients, athletes and groups until around 10am when I will have a second breakfast!

10am: 4 scrambled eggs, with 200g of smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes & half and avocado.

Then I’m ready for meetings with my team & more sessions with clients where I will drink water & green tea throughout.

My third main meal of the day will be a Soulmate Life meal. I love what these guys do, delivering me chef cooked high protein meals that I can trust.

I will train at around 2pm most days, which means a flat white at 1.30pm for a little caffeine kick.

During training I will throw Optimum Nutrition BCAA into my water which protects my lean muscle mass during intense sessions.

After training it’s time to refuel. I’ll hit the ‘Shake & Bake’ Bar at Reach for a protein packed shake, Warrior is my go option. Chocolate Whey, Peppermint Extract, frozen banana, oats & I’ll get creatine and glutamine thrown in too.

Then it’s into and all action evening of group sessions and clients where I will snack on 90% Dark chocolate squares & shelled Pistachios.

I find a hot yoga session 8pm to 9pm is a great way to boost the body and mind, after which I will eat BIG! Searing 2 tuna steaks takes no time at all, stir frying a mountain of broccoli & a large portion of brown rice.

Zinc and magnesium supplements before bed to help with sleep & a casein shake if I haven’t hit my protein levels for the day.

Job Done! And repeat!


Written by Richard Tidmarsh, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Owner and Lead Trainer of Reach Fitness. Follow Rich now on Instagram and Twitter 


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